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Educational Videos

The Global Medical Video Network (GMVN) consists of Lukas Kandler (, Mads Astvad ( and Robin Lundén ( In this international cooperation, colleagues from various countries combine their dedication to create mind-blowing videos for medical education.
Having produced educational videos since 2012, Lukas Kandler was never satisfied with the pure gut feeling, that videos are good for education. Therefore, he set up an extensive research project with a group of talented colleagues from his hospital to investigate the real benefit of educational videos.

After a long process of investigations, the results were published in the BJA, the British Journal of Anesthesia, the Journal with the highest impact factor for Anesthesia.

Free fulltext article: 

360° Video in Education

A hot topic in educational films are 360° Videos. Due to the difficult workflow with very expansive cameras, it took a longer period to establish this technique in the field. It was after some companies developed more affordable and easier to use cameras like the GoPro Fusion that we could start with first productions. Being supported by GoPro I have to communicate my conflicts of interests, but I must say that it is absolutely no coincidence that I use the Fusion camera. I have been testing different brands and choose this model because of its easy workflow and good quality in means of image quality.


Above: Szene from 360° Video: "pediatric anesthesia without fear!"

Right: happy Girl wtching the video

IMG_2093 Kopie.JPG
IMG_4382 4.jpg

Examples of some of my educational videos:

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