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Fighting for Treatment

                                              Welcome to the documentary film project "Fighting for Treatment".

                                      The current situation with Ovid-19 will delay but not stop this important project.


The Project:


For the production we will travel to many countries on different continents to accompany and portray patients. While in rich countries patients can often choose between many highly qualified and mostly nearby hospitals, sick patients in many other countries are far from having choices. They have to fight for their treatment.

We will accompany patients in poor as well as in rich countries in their efforts and struggles for good treatment and are with them with our camera in the moments of hope, success as well as in moments of hopelessness and fear.


For several months we have been already able to visit a wonderful girl regularly in Switzerland. The small patient suffers from a very rare genetic defect that has been diagnosed less than 10 times globally.

Despite massive physical limitations, she has an open-minded, impressive and motivating personality. See her fight for every little step, using state-of-the-art robotics and computer-augmented technology.

But even though she lives in one of the richest countries in the world, her parents are constantly facing big and often bureaucratic obstacles


The first stop of our production was Iceland, where we already have been filming successfully with the Coast Guard four years ago.

In Iceland there are mainly geographical and meteorological influences, which put patients in front of huge obstacles. 

An emergency patient transport in the arctic winter on this wild island in the middle of the stormy Atlantic Ocean means even for experienced rescue-teams a major challenge. 

We will show how the experts address these critical situations and how the patients deal with these problems.

Our journey will lead us across the Atlantic to Argentina where we team up with a group (El Same Villero), which will provide emergency medical aid to the poorest of the poor in so-called illegal settlements of Buenos Aires. State rescue services do not dare to enter these settlements, so residents depend on volunteer support. There are paramedics, nurses and doctors, who work in their spare time for a decent medical care of the residents. The obstacles they face differ far from anything we can imagine.


From Argentina we continue to Chile, a country with an incredibly long extent and a huge number of offshore islands. This geographic feature poses a major challenge to those responsible if the residents are to receive satisfactory medical care. Add to that the current political riots.

Not every patient has direct access to a doctor or hospital, their fight for treatment is a real challenge of its own.


Expert advice for the upcoming documentary comes from successful Swiss Documentary filmmakers Michèle Sauvain and Hedi Bäbler.


Thanks to all the people supporting our project.

Just to name a few: the Iceland Coast Guard-Team, El same Villero, Sony, Deity Microphones, MK-MED and Cami Andrews for her incredible help in communicating with our partners.


Thanks to our sponsors for

their great support.


As usual we are filming with SONY Cameras and are very glad for their contributions with additional lenses and cameras. This is really extraordinary.

For perfect audio we teamed up with  

DEITY Microphones and are happy (and proud) to announce, that  we are using their incredible gear now.
Our medical partner and sponsor is
, thanks for the great support!  

Traveling in times of Corona virus. Is it acceptable?!

Traveling in times of Corona virus. Is it acceptable?!

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